Almond Butter: Maranatha and the beauty of Almond butter inside AND out

Along with ’em being tasty and all, they are full of fiber (which is a necessity) and tons of vitamins. Even though they are full of fat, it’s the fat that we actually need. It’s the fat that isn’t processed and is unsaturated. It’s the fat that keeps us healthy and strong. Along with other nuts, it’s also full of protein to keep those muscles nice and sturdy. Eating nuts in general can help lower cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) which can increase the healthiness of your heart! (the fats are supposedly helping lower cholesterol) I’ve also read somewhere that nuts have been suggested to improve your arteries which reduce the risk of blood clots and such.

Let’s go over the upsides of nuts:

• Omega 3 – perhaps one of the most important things that your body needs. Mostly found in fish, these fatty acids are very, very important in anyone’s diet. They can relieve inflammation and pain in the body, are healthy for the heart, can contribute to better metabolism productivity and more. :] You can get more information on Omega 3 with this nice presentation on fish and krill oils.

• Vitamins – Vitamin E is in this nut; high amounts of it I believe. Vitamin E can help your arteries fight plaque buildup.

• Protein – good for those veggie-tarians. Replacing nuts with beef jerky as a snack can be a healthier choice.

• Fiber – 15-25g a day, and we’ll get rid of waste efficiently.

• They taste good and are convenient! You can throw some spices on them (limit yourself to avoid the high sodium and whatnot) and you’re on your way once you put them in a plastic bag.

Now, you have all of these benefits in a nice and creamy spread called almond butter. It might two-toned and nuttier in taste, unlike peanut butter, but it is VERY tasty.

For my first try of almond butter, I chose Maranatha. (Maranatha: Butter All Natural No Stir Almond Creamy)

Other than the taste, what I like about this almond butter is that is a bit inexpensive. I bought this for $3 and some change. The peanut butter is a dollar below this price, I believe, so if you don’t wanna invest in this, go right for the regular stuff.

I chose the “All Natural” type since I didn’t realize they had the organic kinds. GO FOR THE ORGANIC. :] But if you don’t see it, or whatever the reason, all natural is fine. It’s not going to kill you.

The ingredients in mine were: Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Palm Oil, Sea Salt…

I have to do some research on palm oil… but for now, it’s cool with me.

Take a look inside

Here, you can see that lovely color. I would definitely recommend this one, since I haven’t yet tried the others and this one tastes phenomenal.


• Raw varieties (all of the good stuff isn’t lost; doesn’t become too rancid due to roasting process)

• Organic varieties

• Little to just ONE ingredient: almonds! ; the ingredients that are present won’t harm a fly

• no salt options

• great taste and it has less than 3g of sugar. (honey is awesome)

• inexpensive

• Nice color!

View their website @

I bought it from walmart.

and of course, you’ll see my review down there somewhere.

I also bought some fresh almond butter from the Farmer’s Market. Blended right in front of me. To be honest, I prefer maranatha due to the creaminess and already added sweetness. However, the fresher version is good for making granola or something.

click for a bigger view. 😀

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